5 Reasons


1. Dynamic Style and a Life-Transforming Message

Jesus uses all of his proven on stage skills as well as accelerated learning techniques to make his presentations highly interactive, entertaining and experiential. He was the recipient of the 2009 NSA's Connie award for his excellence on platform skills. In addition Jesus embodies his message and is fully committed to helping individuals and organizations realize full potential and emerge as visionary leaders ready to create a more prosperous, peaceful and sustainable world.

2. Acclaimed International Speaker and Leadership Trainer
Jesús has traveled to over 30 countries, has lived in 7 of them and speaks 4 languages. He went from undocumented immigrant in France, to big TV star in South America, to transformational trainer across the world. Jesús’ proven leadership skills, in-depth cross-cultural knowledge and wide perspective in worldly affairs provides him with a unique insight that enables him to inspire, empower and unite people from all walks of life

3. Award Winning Filmmaker and Actor
Jesus has received 26 international awards as writer, producer, director and actor. His inspirational films and TV shows have been viewed by millions of people in over 80 countries and 100 universities worldwide. These extraordinary results as well as his proven commitment to enrich the human spirit makes him the ideal speaker to inspire your audience.

4. Successful Entrepreneur and Humanitarian
Jesus is also a successful entrepreneur that went from being homeless to financially free in just 5 years by building a real estate company that serves the housing needs of people living in some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. His new venture is a non-profit organization that provide free inspiration and empowerment to those who need it the most. That makes Jesus uniquely qualified to help your audience achieve success no matter their circumstances.

5. Affordable Programs with Guaranteed Results
Due to his passion to inspire students, Jesus offers his programs to educational centers and non-profit organizations at a 50% discount rate from his regular speaking fees. Additionally, Jesus will promote his presentations in the media, participate in any networking lunch or dinner, and sign autographs at no additional cost to you. Finally, Jesus provides safety to your investment by offering you a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back clause in your contract.