Jesus was inspired to become a filmmaker by spiritual masters who used story telling as a way to enrich the human spirit. His commitment is to direct, produce and act in films and TV projects that, beyond entertaining, can inspire the best in each one of us and serve as vehicles to celebrate our common humanity.

His feature NO TURNING BACK, inspired on actual events, brings to our awareness the importance of transcending our judgments of one another so we can all live peacefully and harmoniously in a world as diverse as ours. Due to its powerful message, the film has become one of the most sought after movies in the college circuit and arguably the most popular Hispanic Heritage Month program in the country. Other projects produced by Jesus Nebot include the short documentary "What are you grateful for?" in which homeless people express their gratitude inspiring us all to have greater appreciation for our multiple blessings.

Jesus is also the producer and host of THE LOVE SHOW, a cable TV show that airs weekly in Los Angeles, CA through channel 36. For the rest of the world, online streaming of this show is available at www.la36.org through its public access channel. This groundbreaking cable talk shows feature expert guests invited to explore the frontiers of consciousness and the healing power of Love in our lives, in our communities and in the world. From 2003 to 2008 Jesus also produced and co-hosted TEA WITH JESUS & SUSANA which aired nationwide through TIME-WARNER'S public access channels.

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