Jesus Nebot had a series of awakenings that unfolded his calling to explore the full spectrum of human consciousness. Inspired by all the great spiritual masters, he became a filmmaker to tell stories that would raise awareness about our common humanity.

Jesus is a global thinker who has lived in 12 cities around the world and speaks 4 languages. He has traveled to over 30 countries and has been invited to speak at 11 of them to provide answers and solutions on topics related to visionary leadership, communication, human potential, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, peace and social justice.

Jesus’ in depth metaphysical training, cross cultural knowledge and remarkable success as a filmmaker and social entrepreneur gives him a unique and powerful perspective in the field of human potential as well as the necessary insight to empower and unite people from all walks of life.

Grounded in Ancient Wisdom from the East and New Thought from the West, Jesus’ techniques assist individuals and organizations manifest their highest vision by transforming their way of thinking and being at a fundamental level. From his continuous refinement of perspective and methodology comes the AHA Method ®, helping people access their highest levels of awareness and become more effective and impactful leaders in the world.

Jesus Nebot specializes in delivering customized inspirational keynote presentations and transformational visionary leadership trainings to business, non-profit, educational, cultural and civic organizations.

As an inspirational speaker, Jesus powerfully impacts people's lives by connecting them to their hearts and inspiring them to manifest their highest vision in life.

As a transformational trainer, Jesus helps purpose-driven individuals and organizations unlock their wisdom and emerge as visionary leaders and co-creators of a more prosperous, peaceful and sustainable world.

Jesus is a published author and the former president of AGAPE TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL where he was instrumental in attaining a 92% increase of its membership. Jesus is also a certified member of the NATIONAL SPEAKERS ASSOCIATION and the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION FOR PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS.

Jesus has been named one of "The Top 100 Latinos on the Move" by Latino Impact Magazine and is the recipient of numerous speaking, training and filmmaking accolades including the NATIONAL SPEAKERS ASSOCIATION CONNIE AWARD FOR BEST PLATFORM SKILLS and the GOLDEN STAR HALO AWARD FOR HIS OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.”

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